Unqualified Bad News

I don’t think there’s ever been a website I didn’t want to have to make more than the one I just finished skinning out the other day.  It’s a memorial website for my friend, Joe, who was killed in a car crash several weeks ago.  He was the little brother of one of my dear friends, Tom, whom I have known for about 1o years now.  I knew Joe through Tom, but also because I became one of Joe’s cross country and track coaches.  He was an outstanding person and he will be dearly missed.

The website we’re making for him also serves as the home of the newly innitiated Joe B Run Fund, which is a fund that aims to donate an annual scholarship to a chosen senior of the cross country team who embodies the qualities most admired in Joe.

I will make a post when the site is complete.  Please check back if you think you might be interested in donating to the fund.

Joe B Run Fund

Joe B Run Fund

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