Yesterday the wonderful folks at shirt.woot.com purchased my “Scrap Hunt” design and sold it to the mad masses of wooters under the title “The Gearassic Period.”  If you know anything about woot, it’s probably that they’re better at naming stuff than me.  If you know anything else about woot it’s probably that they feature/sell an item for a mere blink of an eye and then it’s gone… lost in the shifting desert sands of the internet for all time.  But FEAR NOT, gentle reader.  If you’d still like to get your hands on the Gearassic Period shirt it still lives here until such time as it is either sold out or becomes wildly unpopular with the wooters, in which case it gets booted from the site.

Scrap Hunt


2 thoughts on “WOOOOOOOOOOOT!

  1. If you must know, I purchased this shirt and love it! Then a month later, I was showing a friend a shirt I bought last April of a dinosaur getting electrocuted by power lines, and realized it was you who drew that one too! Guess I just like your style! 😀

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