As Promised

This post has nothing to do with t-shirts.  Nothing.  I dare you to find anything about t-shirts in this post.  Well, I dare you to find anything about t-shirts aside from the myriad references already made regarding their conspicuous absense…  er, yeah.

ANYWAY.  This post is actually about how I somehow weaseled my way into a gallery show in Chicago the other week.  My former roomy, the esteemed Max Bare, is co-curator for A.Okay‘s North Clark gallery, and invited me to participate in their 2nd annual “A.Okay Loves CTA” show.  Which I did.  Poorly, I might add.  It turns out I am freakin’ rusty as hell with the paints and the brushes and the whatever.  Here, have a look:

Did I mention that it was a show about trains?  Yeah.  Anyway, what you CAN’T see is that there is a SWEET RAVE PARTY happening inside that there boxcar, and that if you were to open that sliding door a crack you would be bombarded with the red strobing effects of an $8 rear bicycle light hidden among the train’s tangled innards, which include a series of small mirrors haphazardly glue-gunned in place.  It is truly a sight to behold.  Although it helps if you are drunk in a small room with all the light turned out… otherwise it’s actually not all that noticeable…  :/

Sigh.  Luckily, it wasn’t so bad as to keep Max from inviting me to participate in their next show, which I haven’t decided I can or cannot do yet.  I’ll keep you posted though.


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