Spring Break Wooooooooo!

No parents woooooo!  I mean, uh, hey there.  Happy spring.  I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but in southeastern Michigan today it’s feeling recklessly pleasant outside.  I’m sure people all over the north are making humorous wardrobe decisions right now… Board shorts.  Sun hats.  Bikinis.


Today’s post is sadly a spell overdue.  You see, a while back the esteemed Priscilla Wislon —aka vallorandvellum to you Threadless fans out there— organized the 3rd annual Threadless Alumni Style Swap.  It’s fairly self-explanatory.  Artists sign up for the project in a rabid frenzy (space is both limited and coveted) and are then paired off with one another based on the dissimilarity of their styles.  Each partner is charged with the task of creating a t-shirt design in their counterpart’s style, leaving no traces of their own aesthetic or techniques.  The designs are all then submitted for voting on Threadless, where bloggers can try and guess which artists were paired up.  The guessers with the most correct responses win a reasonably spectacular prize package, which has been largely donated by the participating artists.

In any case, this all came and went about a month ago.  I was paired up with sizzling Threadless Sensation alexmdc, aka Alex Solis of Milwaukee, WI.  Below is my alexmdc impression, followed by his thunderpeel impression (thunderpeel is my handle on threadless, in case you were wondering).

spring break woooooo

by Alex Solis

by Alex Solis


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