I’m, uh, excited I think?

So I was consulting my internet spy-glass (aka Google Analytics) the other day and noticed a bunch of hits to my portfolio from faesthetic.com.  This confused me.  As far as I know Faesthetic has no reason to link to my site.  My only contact with Faesthetic was a while back when I sent them a drawing of a ghost because of a call for ghosts I heard about, but I never heard anything back from them.  I figured they didn’t like my ghost.  No biggie.

But now, here we are, in the future —waves hands mystically— and I’m getting hits from Faesthetic #11: Ghost Stories under the section of “contributing artists.”  My powers of deduction have led me to the conclusion that perhaps they didn’t hate my ghost drawing so much after all 🙂  Anywho, I’m really hoping that it’s not a mistake, because it would be fantastic to be included in such a crazy cool publication.  I’ve basically been wanting to be in it since I first saw it back in ’06 or something like that.   I’m actually heading to Chicago this weekend so I’ll be able to further investigate the matter at the Threadless retail store, since Faesthetic and Threadless are in cahoots and there’s always some Faesthetics in stock there.

Here’s hopin’


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