Think Faest, I’m in a magazine! :)

So last week I blogged about my mysterious Google Analytics splyglass findings.  Further investigation led me to North Broadway in Chicago where the Threadless retail shop was peddling shiny new copies of Faesthetic #11: Ghost Stories.  A brief scanning confirmed it, Sea Ghost is in Faesthetic.  Case closed.  Epic win.

In my excitement I managed to inform the store employees that I was included in their mag, but hadn’t known it ’till I held the little beast in my own two hands.  They took pity on me and gave me a copy.  Of course, they were giving anybody who wanted one a free copy with any purchase, but that is neither here nor there.  The point is that I was important enough to be included a wicked sweet magazine… Just maybe not important enough to be notified of it.  Bah, who cares.   Mission Accomplished!

Here are the obligatory visual aids:


My promo photography skillz have been measured, and have apparently been found wanting…

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