Old Stuff is the new New Stuff

So I was going through my bookcase looking for where I stashed that Faesthetic Mag I brought home from Chicago this week (so that I could poorly photograph it for posterity) when I stumbled across a relic of my past… A relic that I also chose to poorly photograph for posterity, considering I’m not sure if I have any digital copies of it anywhere.  Seems unlikely though.  I’ll have to check up on that.

Anyway, what I found was a comic I made in undergrad that was published in the collected works of Phoebe Gloeckner’s first ever U of M comics class.  Short story is that everyone made at least two comics in that class, and that at least one of them was then published in a book called Empty Pockets.  Y’know, so that we had something to take home and show mom and dad.  It was all very charming.  Most of the stories had at least one penis in them…

Yeeeaaaah, anyway, here are a couple tantalizing glimpses of WTF, by Brian Walline.  lol



At its core, WTF is about a deadbeat boyfriend crawling out from beneath his deadbeat girlfriend…  Inspired, no?  Sadly, the last page was not printed, which makes the whole reading experience a smidge more crappy than it might otherwise have been.  If I ever find the digital copy I may post it here in its entirety.  Wouldn’t THAT be special.  There’s also another comic floating around out there of a woman who adopts a lizard monster in a bunny suit, only to have it murder her cats while she’s in the shower…  Don’t hold your breath for that gem to surface on here any time soon 🙂

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