I reckon this post will be melodramatic…

I wondered, I really did.  I honestly wondered if I was somehow “Woot Proof,” incapable of creating anything that resonated at the appropriate Woot frequencies, something that could be embraced by the mysterious and fickle wooters of the world.

Every week Woot holds “The Day of Reckoning,” in which they eliminate the 10 lowest-selling shirts on the site.  Forever and for good.  My designs have all launched themselves into that void at break-neck speed, heedless of the oblivion into which they descended.  The Casualties List is their familiar home.  Failure is their nourishment.  Anonymity their joy.

— Dramatic Pause —

No More!  In a bold and unprecedented endeavor, it seems that I have actually produced a successful t-shirt design for shirt.woot.com, one of my biggest and most beloved clients.  Its success is documented in the records of The Reckonings… Five times it has been tested, and five times it has endured and emerged from the rubble of Reckoned shirts unscathed!  At the peak of its glory it even managed to crack The Top Ten, a lofty territory that I was sure would forever close itself from my designs, those loathsome and pitiful denizens of The Bottom Ten… It’s name is Navy Seals, and I am very pleased to say that it is still for sale.

navy seals brian walline

The proof is in the pudding screen-shot:

brian walline navy seals

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