Five-Point-Five Liter Americana Overdrive!

“Spring starts when a heartbeat’s poundin’
When the birds can be heard above the reckonin’ carts doing some final accounting”
– Tragically Hip (incidentally Canadian)

So I’m still dumbstruck by this whole “nice weather” thing, and am likewise coping with some of the consequences of being dumbstruck by this whole “nice weather” thing… most notably the involuntary nature of some seasonally-dependent behavioral expressions.

Autumnal expressions, for example, might include rolling in piles of leaves and any number of things relating to apples or corn. Brumal expressions might include wearing inappropriately scant clothing outdoors and instances of tunneling. Vernal expressions of seasonally-dependent involuntary behavior are, as witnessed by the weekend of May 17th, in a word, exhausting.

The prior 72 hours included multiple occurrences of each of the following activities: Running, playing basketball, playing frisbee, bicycling, driving with the windows down, night-creeping, tree climbing, beer drinking, weight lifting, grilling, Dairy Queening, crawdad hunting, and, finally, whiffleball playing.

There was no decision-making involved any of this. This was all completely involuntary.

Next up: Fishing!



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