Collaborative Effort

Got a new sub up at Threadless.  This one is different than anything I’ve ever submitted before because it represents my first duo-collab with another blogger on t-less.  My partner in crime, as it were, is the ever prolific Evan “FRICKINAWESOME” Ferstenfeld, who sports a storied career on Threadless as a master collaborator and sloganeer, with several slogan prints and successful design team-ups under his belt.  Hopefully “Horsepowers” will be the next winner for the both of us!

Without further hype, the bidness at hand:


Also, yes, I did model for this and yes, I know, I need a shave and and attitude asjustment 🙂  It’s my playoff beard though, so we’ll all have to wait till the Red Wings do their thing before I can get myself some proper grooming.

Horsepowers - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Also available for loving at emptees.


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