Shadow Cats! Part III

Found out last night that I’ve been accepted to this summer’s Shadow Art Fair, which makes me happy.  I’ve participated in the summer installment of this fine event for the past two years and I know that they (The Michigan Design Militia, and yes, you read that correctly) like to shake things up when they can and that they’d received over 150 applications for roughly 40 spots, and so I had a feeling I was going miss the cut on this one.  But hey, GIGGITTY.  I’m in.

The Shadow Art Fair has many charms, but perhaps none so alluring as its venue, The Corner Brewery, which aside from being roomy enough to accommodate throngs of art vendors and enthusiasts alike, still has room for live music in its ample beer garden and, perhaps most importantly, the constant availability of quality brews.  Nothing to loosen up folks pocket books and broaden their appreciation of the arts like a few (or a few too many) fine tasting fermentations.

And here, my friends, are some of the slides I sent as part of my application, outlining some of the shtuffs that shall be made and sold at The Booth of Wonders — Yes, Wonders:

brian walline

ann arbor ypsi

ann arbor


michigan hand map

walline posters

michigan posters


4 thoughts on “Shadow Cats! Part III

  1. Hey Brian!

    I came across your blog on my face book newfeed (everything about that sentence is just sad). Congrats on the Shadow Art Fair! That’s awesome!

    Are you selling any of the AA or MI shirts? I creeped on your Diamondhawk site but didn’t see them. Anyways, I would love to purchase a shirt or two and represent the deuce in Beantown, MA. Let me know!! Hope all is well! Word to the fam 🙂


  2. Thanks, Caitlin 🙂

    I haven’t decided exactly which of the AA ones will get the greenlight, but I do have a couple MI designs on hand:
    (Top right and the “Smitten” one… They’re in American Apparel, not sure which sizes tho…)

    I’ll let you know when I figure out which other ones are getting printed. Can I interest you in a free (slightly out-dated) poster till then?

    Well-wishes to you as well, and of course the folks. Say hi for me!


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  4. Hi Brian.

    Did any of these shirts get produced? I am living in Cleveland and want to sport my Michigan pride! Let me know 😀


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