Inked up

I just got an email from someone informing me that they loved my Are You My Lobster? design so much that they decided to have it permenantly emblazoned on their leg!  Which, y’know, is super flattering and stuff.  I guess she calls her husband her “lobster” and when she found out the shirt wasn’t available he offered to get her the tat.  She claims that it’s her favorite 🙂


This is actually the second t-shirt design of mine (that I know of) to be appropriated for ink-immortalization.  Last summer a friend of mine converted Terrible Lizards into a sweet tattoo on her side.  She’s out of town right now, but when she gets back I’ll see if I can get a photo of it on here.  Till then, here is the design:

terrible lizards

4 thoughts on “Inked up

  1. Yeah, odds are that my drawing will still be in their skin when they’re put in the dirt, which is a little weird to think about… the whole of their pending life experiences will at least in some small way be intertwined with a drawing I made of a robot and a lobster. I am playing it up a little at this point, considering a very good friend of mine also has a tattoo of mine and it rarely crosses my mind, but it’s still kind of strange and cool 🙂

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