I’m Having Trouble Concentrating… Could I be Pregnant?

Found this oooooold post of mine from a previous blog and thought it was kind of fun, perhaps even enough fun to share.  TIME WARP!

I’m Having Trouble Concentrating… Could I be Pregnant? That’s the very first line of what might be my new favorite commercial of two thousand ‘effing six (I’m sorry, but I simply can’t go without at least implied cussing when speaking about a year that starts with TWO thousand and ends in anything above, I dunno, four.  Such is my capacity to deal with change.  Anyway.  I believe the line is for the “e.p.t. sure-fire hands free works underwater or something stupid” pregnancy test, which is a wholly uninspired snippet of air time but for its giggle-inducing intro-hook, which I’m sure was not intended to be humorous at all.  How serendipitous for everyone.

In case you’re wondering what my previous favorite commercial of O’-fuckisnotawordrecognizedbyspellcheck-six is, you should perhaps direct your attention to Teh Milky Way.  See, some people fear what they do not understand.  I laugh out loud at what I don’t understand and then I whore it around on the internets.

edit: I would say that the new “Un-pimp Ze Auto” Volkswagon commercials starring Peter Stormare (The Big Lebowski, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Minority Report, etc.) are my favorite new commercials, but they never get air around here anymore.

I don’t think I watch enough teevee these days to pick out a favorote commercial or two-thousand and nine.  It’s definitely not that “Think with your dipstick, Jimmy,” nonsense.

3 thoughts on “I’m Having Trouble Concentrating… Could I be Pregnant?

  1. My favorite commercial only airs around here I believe (Lansing) as it’s for a local sedation dentistry practice…and it’s a JINGLE that sings, “He’ll wake you up when it’s over.” Pretty horrifying.

    Peter Stormare…had no idea that was Slippery Pete’s real name. Interesting tidbit. And I had to go back to look at the commercial, I never realized that was him! Yikes.

  2. Hahah, that’s the sort of jingle that might inspire someone to resort to the Tom Hanks Castaway Method of Dentistry… Namely, a rock to the mouth.

    Ugh, my apologies for invoking that image 🙂

    I just went looking for another one of those Un-Pimp Ze Auto spots and found this other celebrity (pre-celebrity?) hawking ze vee-dubbs: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7398028148655344672&hl=en

  3. oh my god! it has wall-to-wall carpeting!

    those crazy germans and their new-fangled contraptions…

    and yeah, apology accepted…but wow.

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