Diabolically Delicious

I received an email the other day from a fellow named Andy Pitts.  He was writing to inform me that he had made a cake based on my Sweet Tooth design for the bizarrely delightful Threadcakes competition.

He then provided me a link to the gallery.  Having  no idea what awaited me on the other side of that innocent looking hypertext, I gave it a click.

Hyperbole be damned, as soon as the page finished loading there was faint Pfftt! sound somewhere between my eyeballs, followed by a few wisps of acrid smoke from my ears.  My mind had been blown.

Now look here, and behold the most diabolical pastry known to mankind:

Here’s what Andy has to say for himself:

“I’ve always been a fan of thunderpeel aka Brian Walline’s tee designs – so I picked one of my favorites and tried to do it justice in cake form! I wanted to make this guy as sugary as possible using a variety of sweets, Chocolate cake, confetti cake, peanut butter rice crispys treats, tic tacks, skittles, caramels, gummi bears, tons of fondant, butter cream frosting and a wisp of blue cotton candy smoke on the volcano.”

Thank you Andy!  I am flattered by your cake design, awed by your cake skillz, and now, inexplicably… hungry?  🙂


4 thoughts on “Diabolically Delicious

  1. *GASP* (Gasp doesn’t do this justice)

    I’m freaking AWED by that! What an incredibly done cake! How the hell do people do this?! That is impressive. I’m just floored man…

  2. tattoo-fans and now this?

    you are a fucking legend, and not just in your own mind!

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