Back in the game.

Moons have passed.  Exactly how many I am not certain –perhaps a few, perhaps more– but moons have passed since I last mustered an honest effort in the competitive tee design game.  I suppose my recent lack of production could in small part have been motivated by a bout of discouragement, since a handful of very promising designs were teased with voting success only to fade into the Threadless purgatory fated to so many well-scored illustrations that will never see the light of day.

But a far greater agent in this fall from proliferation is simply that I have been pretty damned busy.  Well, maybe not absurdly busy, but certainly busier than when last I felt free to spend hours doodling things like hacksaw-brandishing scuba bears.  There have been road trips and weddings and road trips to weddings and a weekend retreat or two, plus a new studio to furnish, a new marathon to train for, and my own intrinsic spacey-ness when confronted with the various effervescent entanglements that summertime affords.  Trees need climbing.  Turtles need catching.  Rivers need exploring and warm nights need the attention of a distracted late-youth and his misplaced freetime every bit as much as the coffee shops need his twilight work sessions and pocket change.

None-the-less, the flee-bitten hens of my imagination have not ceased popping out stray nuggets of inspiration these last months, and I have recently found time to incubate a few of these bastard ideas into full-fledged works of art-like visual consumables– Luckily, my ability to extend an already awkward metaphor far longer than anyone is comfortable with needs no practice to retain its potency.  Anyway…

Hiatus termination notice: Served.  (The pictures, they are clickable.)

tricky licky

new kid on the block

As always, emptees love is always appreciated, though ultimately unimportant.  It occurs to me now that I may have never really explained what the whole thing is about.  Simply put, it’s a good way to whore yourself out to those who might wish to aquire your t-shirt illustrating services.  If a tee design happens to become wildly popular on emptees it can lead to a lot of attention.  That’s basically it.

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