Woah, differences.

Last week, while ambling along the historic corridors of downtown Cleveland I ran into an old foe.  The mutual surprise of the encounter conspired with the oppressive heat to turn our grudge down a violent path, and though the day’s end found the peace broken, also did it find one ancient villain subtracted, for in the familiar contest of a dual was Hamilton once again made low.

I don’t suppose there is much that will do by way of remedy or explanation, though either would be rightly due to any reader not already frightened off the internets.  Alas, I can’t take away the knowledge that you’ve squandered moments of your precious life reading this blog post; All I can say is that in 2007 my friend and I went for Halloween as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, respectively, and that since then I am easily provoked into mock violence at the image of our ill-fated Secretary of the Treasury, thus necessitating his reenacted assassination along the Erie shores last Sunday when he was discovered so pompously displayed outside the Cleveland courthouse.

Other than all that unpleasant business, however, I daresay our stay in Cleveland was better than expected– Which was good considering we more or less expected a boarded up hive of scum and villainy (Buckeye state, after all).  In all seriousness though, it was pretty enjoyable, not to mention good old fashioned pretty.  Below you will find a few pictoral snippets of our Ohioan sojourn, as well as an old photograph from October 31st, 2007 in Madison, Wisconsin.


For those who know me well, and therefor know that I typically do not venture into Ohio without good cause (Cedar Point, Put-in Bay, to get to the other side…), the purpose of this trip was to attend my buddy Logan‘s wedding.  Though why he had it there I’ll never work up the courage to ask.

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