The things we do when we lack things to do…

Also known as, This Recession and All its Buddies can at Least Buy Me Breakfast.

Anyway.  I have been lacking client work lately.  There has been, as they might say, a dearth of client work.  And, left to my own devices, as they say, I have seen fit to spend my time doing all sorts of things that are–they might say– unproductive… For instance, I have been catching up on my reading (about 2,000 pages in the last three weeks thankyouverymuch).  But mostly, I’ve been making foolish stuff like the following.

Dinosaur War - Work in progress

Turtle Transit Authority - WIP

Something Strange, as they say...

Speaking of reading.  One of my recent reads was Cormac “Turbo Buzz-kill, as they say” McCarthy’s The Road.  Good book, but dire.  Nightmarish, as they say.  Jiminy Cricket.



8 thoughts on “The things we do when we lack things to do…

  1. I LOVE Turtle Transit Authority! Hilarious. 🙂 Also the Ow-olf is pretty sweet as well. And as always, dinosaurs=goodness. Thanks for posting again.

    “The Road” seems very “I Am Legend” minus vampires, but plus rednecks from hell. Still want to read/see it though. 🙂

  2. I love Turtle Transit Authority!!! You should try to get that printed somewhere, I would definitely have to snag it! 🙂

  3. Thanks, guys! I think the turtles will be subbed to Threadless very soon for their ‘travel’ competition. I’ll definitely post when it goes up for voting.

    @Andy, yeah, it’s a pretty grim book. Some of the folks in it might be worse than vampires :/ I’m not even sure I want to see the movie anymore, haha.

    A lot of times I ended up seeing a movie first, and then when I read the book later I don’t really expect it to be much like the movie and I feel like I get to appreciate them on more or less separate terms, but for some reason when I read the book first and then see the movie I have a harder time enjoying the movie on its own. I dunno if any of that makes any sense, but I may have ruined the movie for myself by reading the book first.

  4. I totally understand that!

    Reading the books usually give you such vivid detail in your mindhole that when you then go watch someone else’s interpretation of it, it can’t quite live up to your imagination. However, if you’ve already seen the flick, you’re brain seems to stay within the parameters of the movie when you read it, and anything they left out is like finding the easter egg details.

    If THAT makes sense. Ok, I’ll stop hijacking your thread now…

  5. I love the turtle one!

    yah know what would make another great t-shirt?


  6. Honestly, Turtle Transit seems like something you should get Woot to print! I’d snag this in a heartbeat no matter where it was though!

  7. Thanks, Paul! Yeah, if it weren’t for the Threadless travel competition I might have pitched it to Woot first, but I just can’t resist the chance to win a trip to Australia, no matter how unfathomable the odds victory 🙂

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