They’re up! Look at ’em go!

Now ready to receive your love and affection on Threadless: Adorable turtles pretending to be cars! Or people! Refugees?

(Feigned love and affection also accepted… er, encouraged)


4 thoughts on “They’re up! Look at ’em go!

  1. Thanks, Paul!

    You got any snow out there yet? We’re supposed to get out first tonight but I haven’t seen any yet :/

  2. We have a little snow now.

    How do you know if Threadless will print the turtles? I always see them get scored and everything, but there’s no way to tell what will print? Are there criteria I am missing?

  3. Yeah, they like to play it pretty close to the chest. Basically, everyone just sits and waits. If Threadless decides to print a design they’ll typically inform the designer within 1 to 3 weeks after a design has finished scoring. They never holler to say that something is not going to be printed, so generally if you haven’t heard from them by 4 weeks after something finished scoring then it’s pretty safe to say the design will not be selected.

    Moreover, they ask any winning designers to keep the proliferation of the news to a minimum. So yeah, it’s intended to be a surprise for the public when any given tee goes up for sale.

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