Tourist Tuesday! (on Wednesday)

So, as you can probably imagine, I don’t exactly get boatloads of visitors to my site.  Handfuls, maybe.  Meager handfuls, and half of them probably got lost while searching for porn or something.  (A joke that becomes infinitesimally more likely to be true every time I type the word “porn.”)

Anyway, this makes it pretty painless to peak at my Google Analytics Gizmo® and click “Map Overlay” to see from where on earth all 10 or whatever of my daily visitors are scoping me.  A lot of the time it’s local folks.  But sometimes the people checking out my site hail from decidedly exotic realms… Like, I dunno, Trenton.  In any case, I’ve decided it might be neat to take a look at my visitor logs every week and feature what I rashly deem to be the most interesting location to visit my site.  As evidenced by the inaugural edition (which was written yesterday, but somehow not posted), I probably won’t always be disciplined enough to do it just on Tuesdays, so in the event that I perform this Weekly World Round-Up™, as it were, on a Non-Tuesday I will attempt to name it accordingly.  For instance, just off the top of my head, it could be Monday Map Check™ or Far Away Friday™ or something similarly alliterative and droll stupid…

But not today.  Today it’s just, well… On Wednesday.

Anywho!  To kick things off, we have lovely Åndalsne, Norway, which seems like a positively lovely place.  Not pictured above, big ol’ mountains and fjords and such.

Walline Fun Fact™ #539: Norway is the only Scandinavian nation from which I have no known ancestry.

Walline Fun Fact™ #540: I once had a Norwegian industrial design professor who liked to tell funny (and likely apocryphal) stories about his old Cadillac El Dorado, which got 3 mpg in the city and once split a dear in half at 95mph somewhere on northbound I-29.



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