On matters of the hypothalamus

Man, freelancing is great and all, but sometimes someone really ought to revoke the “make my own hours” privilege that is irrevocably attached to the whole enterprise, as it occasionally leads to things like “poor time management,” which tends to leads to “sleep deprivation,” which tends to lead to friggin’ “PROBLEMS.”

For instance, I’d swear that the lace to the shoe sitting next to me was actually a giant face-eating spider if the giant face-eating spider on the shoe next to me didn’t seem so steadfastly affixed to the shoe sitting next to me and bare so close a resemblance to a common shoe lace.

You see what I mean here, people? PROBLEMS.  I’m having some flippin’ problems at the moment.

Crap.  Just now, entirely without warning, some Weather Tracker application flickered up, consuming the entire screen.


Also, I am beginning to wonder if the “rant” and “nonsense” tags in this blog will ever be used independently from one another.

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