From another corner of the globe, a League of Dinosaurs…

I should have asked.  When he contacted me around Christmas, and told me about his improbably named enterprise, and told me about what he needed me to do, I should have asked Rob Farrell all about it.  “League of Dinosaurs?” I should have asked. “Where’d that come from?”

I didn’t ask.

And now, dear reader, neither of us will likely ever know how it is that an Ultimate Frisbee team somewhere in New South Wales came to be known throughout the UF-NSW:NS as the League of Dinosaurs.  I mean, there has got to be a half-decent story to go with that, right?  Or is it just me?

Anyway.  Yeah… you may have noticed an unexpected geographical reference in the above paragraph…  namely, New South Wales.  For any of my local readers who are thinking to themselves right now, “Isn’t that over by Milford?” the answer is no.  It’s in Australia.

Yes, that Australia.

So, how did a fellow living in The Mitten get mixed up with a fellow from the other side of the planet?  Easy.  The internet.  Gosh I love the internet sometimes!  Under other circumstances, the prospect of someone looking on the other side of the planet for a guy to fill some dino-illustration needs would be pretty absurd.  Apply Tube Technology to those circumstances, however, and it’s like instant Absurdity-B-Gone.  Presto!  Mitten meets Outback in no time flat, and for nothing more important than to draw up some prehistoric beasts to adorn the uniforms of some folks who like to run around catching and throwing a FlatBall™.

Speaking of which, the adornment in question:

For the record, I also like to run around catching and throwing a FlatBall™, I’m just not good enough at it to join any special league.

Also, this may qualify as my first international job, first intercontinental job, and first interhemispheric job, all in one.

Woo!!! 🙂


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