Still crazy after all these years

One thing for sure is clear.  Whatever happens to be going on in my head while I’m asleep is consistently either terrifying or just plain nonsensical.  Often it is both at once.  This includes variations of the nonsensically terrific and of terrifying nonsense.  A couple years ago it seems like lucid dreaming was pretty much standard.  I could stop, pause, rewind, ct+alt+delete, and whatever the hell else.  Lately it seems this is not so much the case, or at least that I am far less aware of it.  I’m not complaining.  I’m still just pleased that I can even remember my dreams.

But dammit, last night there was no end of bullshit.  And by bullshit I mean werewolves.  Not to mention an intricate plot amongst the warewolves… or something?  Also, I was a werewolf?  Maybe?  Sometimes?  That’s odd because usually when I have werewolf dreams (it happens more than one might think) I just kill them or beat them up or run away or crash a biplane into them (true story).  Last night I did get to stab a few, but I sadly don’t recall it eliciting much of a reaction from them.  Last night I even went to a club and tried to buy one a drink when it was in person mode, but then there was a gang war on the roof of the building and I think she got hit pretty hard with a piano.

Whatever, we played football after that.  I played quarterback AND receiver and was about seven feet tall.  I wore a blue jersey.  I met a talking blue tree, which turned out to be a smallish blue person.  I think he ran away when the dream began to recycle itself and the werewolves came back again.  Aw crap.

This dream is not especially weird unto itself.  I think I just felt more out of sorts about it because I’d been having relatively sane dreams lately.  Like, the other night I dreamed I had to take some college exam or something…

Although…   Now that I think about it, Alan Alda showed up shortly after the exam and some slightly messed up stuff went down.  Yeah, actually, nevermind, I think I died in that one…  At the hands of Alan Alda and the energy blast from a walking root system under his control…

I give up.

2 thoughts on “Still crazy after all these years

  1. Still crazy? Whose crazy, the guy sharing his dreams, or those of us willing to read 5+ paragraphs about it? Suffice to say I was actually quite transfixed. And regarding the seven foot tall part with the blue talking tree…any chance you just saw Avatar and THOUGHT it was a dream??

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