Epic win

Good day, y’all!  Today’s directive:  Go buy my tee at Urban!

Brian Walline tee at Urban Outfitters

brian walline urban outfitters tee design

I am perhaps unreasonably pleased about this.  You may not like me, but Urban Outfitters does, and today that will suffice.


3 thoughts on “Epic win

  1. You may be unreasonably pleased, but I am undeniably impressed, that’s AWESOME! Is it for sale online only or in stores as well?

  2. Thanks, Andy!

    I think it’s in a store somewhere, but it’s definitely not in all the stores and I have no idea which one it may be. Basically they’re testing it out, and if it does well they may order lots lots more and put them in lots of stores. That’s how I understand it anyway 🙂

  3. man , you are super talented! im working on a design for the header of my website, and wonder if you would consider giving me a hand/ ideas.

    were a website design firm, and im usually really good for ideas, but just can’t seem to get anywhere when im working on something for myself lol.

    feel free to email me, maybe we can work out an exchange of services or something?

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