Busy as a Vespula squamosa

In the realm of “recent work,” much has gone overlooked this summer, but here are a couple projects of that are at least somewhat noteworthy.

The first is a hornet illustration for the Roswell High football team down in Roswell, Georgia, and it’s the first high school athletics mascot I’ve illustrated since I was in high school myself.  Fittingly enough, my high school mascot was also –you guessed it!– the hornets.

I customized a typeface for ’em as well.  I hear that hornets adore modified Dinova Black.

The other bloggable today is for a patch I did a little while back, which is noteworthy because I’ve never designed a patch and I’ve certainly never designed a patch to be used in the United States Air Force… !!!

Cheers to you, 440th!  Thank you, and best of luck!

1 thought on “Busy as a Vespula squamosa

  1. hi i go to roswell high and i was wondering if there was any way i might be able to get that t shirt

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