More pictures of Real Live Things

So I was perusing the ol’ Facebooks yesterday and was pleased to discover that some tees I designed for Eastern Michigan University Student Government finally made their way into The Real Live World of Real Life Tees Worn by Real Live People.  And hey, two of those people are my pals, Muayad and Tori.  Lookin’ good, y’all!

Oh yeah, “S.O.L.A.R.” stands for Student Organization Learning and Resources.  It’s a program designed to teach students about what student organizations are available and how to use them and, better yet, join them. Also, that’s a custom (from scratch) typeface there.  It was the easiest custom typeface ever, and yet, remarkably easy to screw up.  Go figure.

1 thought on “More pictures of Real Live Things

  1. Please make your Polar bear side art (seen on tee fury today) available …

    it is ridiculously cute..

    I must have it as a tee shirt…. =D

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