Are you Smitten with the Mitten?

There’s an old design of mine that I’ve been wanting to update with a flashy, typographic flair for a while now, and the other day I finally got around to it.  I’m relatively pleased with how it turned out.  This, of course, will do little to stop me from attempting to redesign it again in a few weeks.

smitten with the mittensmitten with the mitten

Below is the oooold version side by side with the sketch of the new version.

smitten with the mitten

1 thought on “Are you Smitten with the Mitten?

  1. Ordered 2 hoodies 9/25/14 and am trying to check on this order #4351-1559-5187-0541. I hope this is not a scam and I am out $90.00. I have called your number for Mighty Mitten and have had no response. Please contact me.

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