More pictures of Real Live Things

So I was perusing the ol’ Facebooks yesterday and was pleased to discover that some tees I designed for Eastern Michigan University Student Government finally made their way into The Real Live World of Real Life Tees Worn by Real Live People.  And hey, two of those people are my pals, Muayad and Tori.  Lookin’ good, y’all!

Oh yeah, “S.O.L.A.R.” stands for Student Organization Learning and Resources.  It’s a program designed to teach students about what student organizations are available and how to use them and, better yet, join them. Also, that’s a custom (from scratch) typeface there.  It was the easiest custom typeface ever, and yet, remarkably easy to screw up.  Go figure.

In which the author exclaims, “What blog?!”

Typically, it is my custom to mark the beginning of each new year with some sort of retrospective on the closing year.  Last year’s write up on Anno Domini Two Thousand and Nine (or, as I like to call it, Em’n’Em Eye Ex) was, frankly, a little depressing.  2010, as it turns out, was not equally depressing.  2010 was actually pretty interesting and, dare I say, exciting.  But — there is always a “but,” isn’t there? — its largest and most conspicuous features were, dammit-all, kind of depressing.  Its epitaph would read similarly to that of 2009.

So screw it.  That’s what I say.

And screw it I shall.  Instead, my first post of MMXI (which, yeah, sorry for dropping the ball the last few months.  I’d tell you about it, but like I said… depressing) will serve only to alert y’all to the fact that the exceptionally swell guys over at 604 Republic commissioned me to do a couple designs for them and that one of those designs is now for sale (in 2 different colors) at their site.

Rock. On.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that wasn’t too depressing for you.  I’m not trying to complain.  Surely, my list of complaints is a mercifully short one, and I’m grateful.  None-the-less, I’m not really up for writing a 2010 run-down that literally nobody is begging for or would likely find interesting.  I’m going to stop talking about this now, because it’s starting to sound like someone ASKED me to write something and I’m letting them down, which, of course, could not be a greater departure from reality. 🙂

More regular updates to return soon.


More is more!

Two (2!) more designs up at Threadless now, bringing the live sub tally up to three (3!) for the week.  As always, I appreciate whatever love you can send their way.

Introducing Bumbles the HoneyBear and Chums, the, well… yuck.

bear bee tee illustration

zombie illustration tee

And, of course, please don’t forget that PTR is still in action.  AKK-SHUN, Y’ALL.  Kapow and stuff.

Heed your muthascratchin’ conscience already…

…and do an awfully nice thing like vote for my latest Threadless submission.  If you care to add some sort of hyperbolically cool comment, that would be lovely as well… Like, “Oh my stars in heaven if Threadless doesn’t print this shirt I fear my guts will simply explode out of my belly button in anguish!”

In other news, I’ve made another sketch that involves censored cusswords.  I’d tell you about it, but I’m more interested in seeing if you understand it on your own.  All I will say is that the pun in play is “Vampire Hunters.”

Busy as a Vespula squamosa

In the realm of “recent work,” much has gone overlooked this summer, but here are a couple projects of that are at least somewhat noteworthy.

The first is a hornet illustration for the Roswell High football team down in Roswell, Georgia, and it’s the first high school athletics mascot I’ve illustrated since I was in high school myself.  Fittingly enough, my high school mascot was also –you guessed it!– the hornets.

I customized a typeface for ’em as well.  I hear that hornets adore modified Dinova Black.

The other bloggable today is for a patch I did a little while back, which is noteworthy because I’ve never designed a patch and I’ve certainly never designed a patch to be used in the United States Air Force… !!!

Cheers to you, 440th!  Thank you, and best of luck!

Get ’em while the gettin’s good!

Hey all!  Pay no mind to the random tumbleweeds blowing through here, it aint deserted yet.  Howabout if I make up for the recent content drought with a tip on some premo cheap tees by Your Truly?

Stormy Nightmares has finally made its way to the printing presses, courtesy of, and is now available for a scant $12 a pop.  Everybody wins, go check it out!

brian walline tee design

The comeback

First thing’s first.  Remember that movie I was in a while back?


Really?  You don’t remember all the pictures of me drenched head-to-toe in buckets of glistening fake blood and all the overloud proclamations of “Brian Walline: ACTOR!” and “Brian Walline: MOVIE MONSTER!” and Look at Me! Look at Me! Look at Me!?

Well then.  In that case, you may want to refer to the posts of October 30th and December 21st, in which, well, see above…

I know, right? December? Seems like old news.  And it is (I mean hells bells, filming happened last summer), but the special new-ness is that KIN creator, Matt Gelzer, packed up his little shop of horrors to Detroit, where he pitched the film at the MotorCity ComicCon, along with a bunch of cool swag designed by (ah yes, the point, now we get to it) Yours Truly.

If you’d like to get your hands on some of the merch, or if you want to get all widescreen home entertainment with a DVD, then by all means, hit up Mr. Gelzer over at Bachelor Productions.  Spread the word, y’all!

Boughs of Folly

I’m back!!!  Isn’t that exciting?

That image is, well, I dunno… hyperbolic?  We’ll go with hyperbolic.

In any case, if there’s anyone that cares, I’m sorry for going AWOL from the blogosphere.  For everyone else, I’m sorry for the gentle but no doubt false assertion that anyone might actually miss my updates, for what passes for blogging here at WillyWally is more accurately a not-so-thinly-veiled front for shameless self-promotion… Which brings me to the crux of it: Self, did you miss talking about yourself and showing off your pretty pictures?

Well, yeah, I guess I kinda did.


To the dogs, or whoever

So last Wednesday marked the beginning of a neat Threadless alumni group submission called Lyricize 2, in which Threaless alumns create tee designs inspired by a song, if you hadn’t guessed that bit already.

My design, called The Belly of The Beast, was based on the opening verse from Josh Ritter’s To the Dogs or Whoever (click for listenables):

Deep in the belly of a whale I found her
Down with that deep blue jail around her
Running her hands through the ribs in the dark
Florence and Calamity and Joan of Arc…

Yeah, I uh, substituted a KRAKEN for a whale or something like that. Scales–which I decided I NEEEDED–would have made no sense on a whale…

Tried to miss him, but he didn’t quite…

Well, Close Enough came to Threadless one day, saw some stuff, kicked a little ass, and then faded away to tee purgatory.  It happens.  With consistent frequency, actually.

Anyway.  I’ve decided to seek a second life for it… In Europe.  France, I think, more specifically.  Why Europe?  Why France?  Simply put, as far as I can tell, they pay the next best.  A thousand euros, or thereabouts, which would be most welcome.  And so it came to pass that I have have submitted my first design over at LaFraise (translated, The Berries, perhaps?), which is actually a downright charming site with seemingly above average standards for submissions and generally polished looking designs for sale.

Pretty please, with berries on top 🙂