Club Halle: The quest for the 24hr library

club halle

Well, with the end of the 2009 fall semester comes the conclusion of Club Halle’s trial run.  What is Club Halle, you ask?  Club Halle is the name Eastern Michigan Student Government used to promote what is, at least at EMU, a novel concept: 24 hour library access.  Long overdue, in some estimations, as current facilities all close by the early AM at the latest.  So, these enterprising EMU Eagles set out to make it happen, and to such ends they hired me to help make it look new and exciting and nice.

They thought it would be fun to brand it kind of like an all night club or diner or some otherwise desirable late night locale, lit up in neon and brightly signaling that it is the place to be, which, during the all-nighters of exam week, it pretty much is.

club halle

A few forgotten blogables: 2009

And here we have an entirely different 2009 in 2010 post– one in which a bunch of stuff created during 2009 and likewise intended for blogging in 2009 somehow gets all lumped together and blogged about here and now, in 2010.


Quite simply a drawing of a fire-breathing pterodactyl (FOR SALE):Portraiture run a muck (Also for sale </lol>):

I didn’t really realize it till I posted this, but these two pieces (somewhat poorly) demonstrate a shift in my technique, if not style (if I actually have such a thing) lately.  The pterodactyl was created in Illustrator by the pen tool, for the most part, with occasional lazy assistance from the pencil tool, and entirely with a mouse.  The portraits, while also accomplished in Illustrator, were drawn on my Wacom tablet using the brush tool. . . It’s one of my very first attempts with the brush tool/tablet combo and the closest I’ve ever come to actually “drawing” digitally.  Since this piece I’ve been practicing a lot more with these tools —with varying degrees of success— and, for the most part, enjoying it.  Perhaps 2010 will be The Year of the Brush Tool for me.  I kind of hope so, because dammit, the pen tool is slow 🙂

ScoutForce business card design:

Merciless fish-women, co-opted movie quotes, and pretty

At long last, I’ve got a new illustration in the running at Threadless.  It’s called Feeding Frenzy.  It’s… well… hopefully it’s self-explanatory:

feeding frenzy

“And that’s when the attack comes… Not from the front, but from the side… from the other two mermaids you didn’t even know were there.

The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you.”

Other recent Greatest of the Latest news, I give you: A Logo, a Mascot, and a Very Strange Tee…


Feelin’ Crabby, Bonkers.

Fact:  There is a cheapiddy-cheap sale at one of the various (generally low-ish quality) online printing vendors.  In light of this fact, I ask why the dickens shouldn’t* I order a few dozen business card variants of me as an aristocratic crab-man?

walline card

* You needn’t answer this.  In fact, it’s probably best for my self esteem if you don’t.

P.S. Regardless of whether or not this makes a good card, I think I might make a comic in this style, which I am convinced will be super fun.

Gold Coast Rides Again

Sigh.  Finally.  Just got the old man’s new website live today, though it still has a little work to be done.  For instance, we need to find a picture of the Capt that invokes less of a predatory hill-person sort of vibe.  Also, the “Meet the Capt” page is pretty much bare and the photo gallery needs to be populated and there are some headers to switch around… but uh, yeah, done. 🙂

Gold Coast Charter Service Inc