More pretty sporty emails

I have to admit, I kinda like doing these custom email template things, even though the creative problem solving involved rarely rises past Tetris-like shoe-horning difficulty.  They’re easy, and while they don’t take quite as little time I would prefer just yet, they’re kind of fun.  Also, do I get any style points for the double-barreled awkward video game / domestic foot-crammer metaphor?  No?  Good 🙂

Curve ball

Amidst all that belly-aching about shortages or conspicuous scarcity or dearths of client work, I did manage to make some email templates (my first ever) for Scout Force lately.  More specifically, for the Michigan State University and Central Michigan University baseball teams.  Sparties… Chips… cold shiver.

In other news, I have upgraded to Windows 7 with relative success.  In a related note, I also deleted all my firefox bookmarks.  Moreover, all my photoshop brushes were destroyed as well.   These events then conspired to fool me into thinking that all these things ought be replaced at once, and to such ends I have spent the last two hours downloading and browsing and browsing and downloading things with names like Free 49 Ultra Butt Grunge Demon Swirl Rust Splatter Brushes CS3+ Super Pack!





Gold Coast Rides Again

Sigh.  Finally.  Just got the old man’s new website live today, though it still has a little work to be done.  For instance, we need to find a picture of the Capt that invokes less of a predatory hill-person sort of vibe.  Also, the “Meet the Capt” page is pretty much bare and the photo gallery needs to be populated and there are some headers to switch around… but uh, yeah, done. 🙂

Gold Coast Charter Service Inc