License a Tee Design

Salutations and welcome to the page of homeless t-shirt designs. Each one of the designs / illustrations posted below is available for licensing for your band / company / family reunion / golf outing / bachelor party / slumber party / etc…

If you’d like to take one home with you, please email me at

Please note, I am selling rights to use the designs, not the t-shirts themselves.  The tees depicted below are merely mock-ups.


Interdimensional Icthydemon:


Tricky Licky:

New Kid on the Block:

Rainbow Runt:

Can’t Stop the Roc:

Stormy Nightmares:

Stormy Nightmares

Close Enough:

Close Enough

The Baddest:



Emperor Penguin:

Emperor Penguin


Flying Fox

Devil with a Blue Dress On:

blue dress on



Walkin’ on the Sun:

walkin on the sun

Beauty of the Black Lagoon:

Arctic Assault:

Terrible Lizards:


12 thoughts on “License a Tee Design

  1. Thanks, Chris! I’m glad you like them, and thanks for taking the time to say so!

  2. Oh wow, I love “Stormy Nightmares” and “Pterovulpine”!
    Fantastic work, I look forward to seeing your work at the Shadow art fair this year!

  3. Thanks, Sarah, same to you! Just checked out your Etsy site, you’ve got some gorgeous stuff on there.

  4. check the walline email brian, im looking to purchase the pterovulpine graphic ASAP but in a 2 colour variant.

    thanks dude!

  5. Excellent blog this well done and I am really pleased to view : this it’s just what I needed to know.
    It’s taken me literally 3 hours and 11 minutes of searching the web to find (not really) 😉
    But seriously I am really interested in Property Network normally and so I shall be very pleased to become a regular visitor

    Thanks and well done!

  6. My band is interested in using one of these designs. How much are you seeling them for?

  7. We might be interested in several of these deisgns for our line- please email me if they are still available

  8. Oh my Goddddd. I lost my Alien Invaders t-shirt, which was bought via Shirt.Woot. I adored it, and it turned quite a few heads. Is there anyway I can commission another print of that t-shirt? I swear I won’t misplace it this time. ;__;

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