The goods

In case you missed it, there was a post a little while back about how my freshman year college roommate viciously conned me into drawing some promotional illustration for his stupid new project, Mystery Afoot.  And by stupid new project I mean awesome new comic, which debuts April 16th at the C2E2 Convention in Chicago, IL at the Chicago Comic Vault booth.

And, as promised, I’ve made a fun drawing for it, which I hope you’ll enjoy:

ALSO! Please please pretty please go check out the tee version of this at emptees and give it a vote; I’ve never done anything cool over at emptees that has garnered any attention, but somehow this bad boy is on the verge of Tee of The Day status, which would just tickle me all kinds of pink. Thanks so much!

Quack Attack!

I’m pretty pumped about this post.  I thought it could stand an aural accessory.  Enjoy the Smooshiness.

Smoosh – The Quack

Anyway, back to the action, which –in this case– is a living room wall…  An action packed living room wall, complete with a painting –honest-to-goodness painting— of my very own Quack Attack.  The wall belongs to Denmark’s* Jesper C L, of Ivy League Design, who says he “…pulled out the majority of my hair from not being able to find some decent decorations for my livingroom wall.”

First off, in a similar vein to the tattoos people have been getting lately, I’m naturally flattered that someone likes my illustrations enough to want to look at them every day.  Secondly, I’m super impressed with the execution here.  I very much doubt I could paint that thing on a wall as well as Jesper has, and I drew the damn thing.  So hats off you you, sir!  You made my day.

* Or at least that’s what the Danish “.dk” domain tag in his URL would lead me to conclude, although “Ivy League Design” does suggests a potential American connection.  I dunno.

The forgotten blogable.

I was on vacation when this happened so I forgot to blog it, but the lovely folks at TeeFury did a run of my Terror Bear design last month.  So there it is.  One more design escapes from my computer and into the real world, which is always fun.  I hope to do more work with TeeFury in the future, it’s a great way to get stray designs made and once the 24 hour sale is over all the rights revert back to me and I can go sell the design to someone else, who hopefully won’t mind that a few hundred shirts are already floating around out there.

So yeah, any takers? 🙂

terror bear

Shadow Cats! Part III

Found out last night that I’ve been accepted to this summer’s Shadow Art Fair, which makes me happy.  I’ve participated in the summer installment of this fine event for the past two years and I know that they (The Michigan Design Militia, and yes, you read that correctly) like to shake things up when they can and that they’d received over 150 applications for roughly 40 spots, and so I had a feeling I was going miss the cut on this one.  But hey, GIGGITTY.  I’m in.

The Shadow Art Fair has many charms, but perhaps none so alluring as its venue, The Corner Brewery, which aside from being roomy enough to accommodate throngs of art vendors and enthusiasts alike, still has room for live music in its ample beer garden and, perhaps most importantly, the constant availability of quality brews.  Nothing to loosen up folks pocket books and broaden their appreciation of the arts like a few (or a few too many) fine tasting fermentations.

And here, my friends, are some of the slides I sent as part of my application, outlining some of the shtuffs that shall be made and sold at The Booth of Wonders — Yes, Wonders:

brian walline

ann arbor ypsi

ann arbor


michigan hand map

walline posters

michigan posters


I’m, uh, excited I think?

So I was consulting my internet spy-glass (aka Google Analytics) the other day and noticed a bunch of hits to my portfolio from  This confused me.  As far as I know Faesthetic has no reason to link to my site.  My only contact with Faesthetic was a while back when I sent them a drawing of a ghost because of a call for ghosts I heard about, but I never heard anything back from them.  I figured they didn’t like my ghost.  No biggie.

But now, here we are, in the future —waves hands mystically— and I’m getting hits from Faesthetic #11: Ghost Stories under the section of “contributing artists.”  My powers of deduction have led me to the conclusion that perhaps they didn’t hate my ghost drawing so much after all 🙂  Anywho, I’m really hoping that it’s not a mistake, because it would be fantastic to be included in such a crazy cool publication.  I’ve basically been wanting to be in it since I first saw it back in ’06 or something like that.   I’m actually heading to Chicago this weekend so I’ll be able to further investigate the matter at the Threadless retail store, since Faesthetic and Threadless are in cahoots and there’s always some Faesthetics in stock there.

Here’s hopin’


As Promised

This post has nothing to do with t-shirts.  Nothing.  I dare you to find anything about t-shirts in this post.  Well, I dare you to find anything about t-shirts aside from the myriad references already made regarding their conspicuous absense…  er, yeah.

ANYWAY.  This post is actually about how I somehow weaseled my way into a gallery show in Chicago the other week.  My former roomy, the esteemed Max Bare, is co-curator for A.Okay‘s North Clark gallery, and invited me to participate in their 2nd annual “A.Okay Loves CTA” show.  Which I did.  Poorly, I might add.  It turns out I am freakin’ rusty as hell with the paints and the brushes and the whatever.  Here, have a look:

Did I mention that it was a show about trains?  Yeah.  Anyway, what you CAN’T see is that there is a SWEET RAVE PARTY happening inside that there boxcar, and that if you were to open that sliding door a crack you would be bombarded with the red strobing effects of an $8 rear bicycle light hidden among the train’s tangled innards, which include a series of small mirrors haphazardly glue-gunned in place.  It is truly a sight to behold.  Although it helps if you are drunk in a small room with all the light turned out… otherwise it’s actually not all that noticeable…  :/

Sigh.  Luckily, it wasn’t so bad as to keep Max from inviting me to participate in their next show, which I haven’t decided I can or cannot do yet.  I’ll keep you posted though.