The goods

In case you missed it, there was a post a little while back about how my freshman year college roommate viciously conned me into drawing some promotional illustration for his stupid new project, Mystery Afoot.  And by stupid new project I mean awesome new comic, which debuts April 16th at the C2E2 Convention in Chicago, IL at the Chicago Comic Vault booth.

And, as promised, I’ve made a fun drawing for it, which I hope you’ll enjoy:

ALSO! Please please pretty please go check out the tee version of this at emptees and give it a vote; I’ve never done anything cool over at emptees that has garnered any attention, but somehow this bad boy is on the verge of Tee of The Day status, which would just tickle me all kinds of pink. Thanks so much!

As Promised

This post has nothing to do with t-shirts.  Nothing.  I dare you to find anything about t-shirts in this post.  Well, I dare you to find anything about t-shirts aside from the myriad references already made regarding their conspicuous absense…  er, yeah.

ANYWAY.  This post is actually about how I somehow weaseled my way into a gallery show in Chicago the other week.  My former roomy, the esteemed Max Bare, is co-curator for A.Okay‘s North Clark gallery, and invited me to participate in their 2nd annual “A.Okay Loves CTA” show.  Which I did.  Poorly, I might add.  It turns out I am freakin’ rusty as hell with the paints and the brushes and the whatever.  Here, have a look:

Did I mention that it was a show about trains?  Yeah.  Anyway, what you CAN’T see is that there is a SWEET RAVE PARTY happening inside that there boxcar, and that if you were to open that sliding door a crack you would be bombarded with the red strobing effects of an $8 rear bicycle light hidden among the train’s tangled innards, which include a series of small mirrors haphazardly glue-gunned in place.  It is truly a sight to behold.  Although it helps if you are drunk in a small room with all the light turned out… otherwise it’s actually not all that noticeable…  :/

Sigh.  Luckily, it wasn’t so bad as to keep Max from inviting me to participate in their next show, which I haven’t decided I can or cannot do yet.  I’ll keep you posted though.