In which a buddy builds a bigfoot

Max Bare is a cool Chicago-based illustrator you’ve probably never heard of, with a unique & dynamic style as well as part ownership of a kickin’ Wicker Park gallery/art-collective thingy.  He was also my roommate my freshman year at SCAD.  Between the Pokemon & PowerPuff Girls wallpaper, the lewdly adorned neon sign in our window, and the relative dearth of cockroaches, we probably had the best dorm room* in our hall of Dyson House… or yeah, something like that.

He and his pal Zoki (of Low Carb Comedy fame) have decided to team up on a new comic book, called Mystery Afoot, in which a Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster team up to investigate the mysterious world of well, cryptozoology, I suppose.  Sounds pretty cool to me.

In any case, he asked if I would like to contribute some Mystery Afoot art to be used as an accompanying pin-up for their first issue.  I agreed that this would be a terrible use of my time, but that it would be fun and cool nonetheless.  Here are my sketches so far:

* SCAD dorm-shots shall be diligently sought, displayed, and delightfully ridiculed.