Tango & Lulu.

The more devoted and astute among my modest readership may recall that some of us threadless types published a little coloring book a while back called ADVENTURE.  Oh, what’s that?  That was just 2 posts ago?  I see…

I really should write more frequently I guess.

Anyway, it both pleases and amuses me to report that our beloved little ADVENTURE was named an honorable mention for Lulu Top Sales in the month of March.  Accordingly, we have earned this gif:

A threadless buddy of mine remarked –pretty accurately, I’d say– that this may not bode particularly well for Lulu –self publishing colossus though it seems– when one pauses to consider that our dear little ADVENTURE probably sold about a hundred copies.  Though, I should add –and you would know this and nod in earnest agreement if you had purchased one– that every one of those hundred prints is a shiny and glorious specimen of coloring excellence.

*smiley face*