A few forgotten blogables: 2009

And here we have an entirely different 2009 in 2010 post– one in which a bunch of stuff created during 2009 and likewise intended for blogging in 2009 somehow gets all lumped together and blogged about here and now, in 2010.


Quite simply a drawing of a fire-breathing pterodactyl (FOR SALE):Portraiture run a muck (Also for sale </lol>):

I didn’t really realize it till I posted this, but these two pieces (somewhat poorly) demonstrate a shift in my technique, if not style (if I actually have such a thing) lately.  The pterodactyl was created in Illustrator by the pen tool, for the most part, with occasional lazy assistance from the pencil tool, and entirely with a mouse.  The portraits, while also accomplished in Illustrator, were drawn on my Wacom tablet using the brush tool. . . It’s one of my very first attempts with the brush tool/tablet combo and the closest I’ve ever come to actually “drawing” digitally.  Since this piece I’ve been practicing a lot more with these tools —with varying degrees of success— and, for the most part, enjoying it.  Perhaps 2010 will be The Year of the Brush Tool for me.  I kind of hope so, because dammit, the pen tool is slow 🙂

ScoutForce business card design:

The Pterodactyl that would not quit.

Swoops McKenzie, aka Winged Lightning, hasn’t been the thunder-spewing flyaway success I’d hoped he might (No, my hopes for him were not actually that high) with the Threadless and Emptees crowd, so I’m giving him another chance to gnash, screeeech!, and electrify his way to the top at Design By Humans, a site which historically has had little to no interest in anything I’ve ever done…

I guess that’s where you fine folks come in!

As always, any support in the Voting Grounds would be MOST appreciated.

swoops mckenzie

In the Exciting & New category, I’ve added a second color variant.  It’s more manly.  Yeah…