Get ’em while the gettin’s good!

Hey all!  Pay no mind to the random tumbleweeds blowing through here, it aint deserted yet.  Howabout if I make up for the recent content drought with a tip on some premo cheap tees by Your Truly?

Stormy Nightmares has finally made its way to the printing presses, courtesy of, and is now available for a scant $12 a pop.  Everybody wins, go check it out!

brian walline tee design

Epic win

Good day, y’all!  Today’s directive:  Go buy my tee at Urban!

Brian Walline tee at Urban Outfitters

brian walline urban outfitters tee design

I am perhaps unreasonably pleased about this.  You may not like me, but Urban Outfitters does, and today that will suffice.

The comeback

First thing’s first.  Remember that movie I was in a while back?


Really?  You don’t remember all the pictures of me drenched head-to-toe in buckets of glistening fake blood and all the overloud proclamations of “Brian Walline: ACTOR!” and “Brian Walline: MOVIE MONSTER!” and Look at Me! Look at Me! Look at Me!?

Well then.  In that case, you may want to refer to the posts of October 30th and December 21st, in which, well, see above…

I know, right? December? Seems like old news.  And it is (I mean hells bells, filming happened last summer), but the special new-ness is that KIN creator, Matt Gelzer, packed up his little shop of horrors to Detroit, where he pitched the film at the MotorCity ComicCon, along with a bunch of cool swag designed by (ah yes, the point, now we get to it) Yours Truly.

If you’d like to get your hands on some of the merch, or if you want to get all widescreen home entertainment with a DVD, then by all means, hit up Mr. Gelzer over at Bachelor Productions.  Spread the word, y’all!