Escaped Wolverines

Here are a couple new tees I made for the good ol’ Wolverine State Brewing Company.  That bottom one is SPORTY, eh?

wolverine brewing tee

wolverine brewing tee


Happy Hour

This!  This is a video from The Happy Hour Guys, who seem to pass their time traversing the countryside in search of the latest tasty brews.  I hate them.

But!  There’s always a but.  This episode they have journeyed from what I assume is afar to visit my fair Ann Arbor and, more importantly, my beloved Wolverine State Brewing Co., where I serve as humble designer/art director.

Let the fun begin!

Happy Hour Guys at Wolverine State Brewing in Ann Arbor

Today I made a Wolverine happen in my sketchbook

Wanna see?

That is all.

Well, except for this.

Feel free to add your own suggestions!