Trough-pissers / Evil-doers, beware.

Man, one of my favorite Ypsi bars is apparently considering installing a trough style urinal.  GROSS.

For anyone who has not experienced The Trough, I have one thing to say about it: Multi-vectored close-quarters spray-back.

Seriously. One should not have to foster concerns regarding how much of another man’s urine may accumulate on his person whilst visiting the loo.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it IS drop-random-British-colloquialisms-like-they’re-hot-potatoes-day.

IN OTHER, NON-POTTY NEWS:  I’ve created Frankenfeather– Mad Raptor Scientist.  His wisdom.  He used it for eeeeevil.

2 thoughts on “Trough-pissers / Evil-doers, beware.

  1. The only trough style urinal I’ve ever thought was useful was at UofM football stadium…because frankly, there is nothing that could clean up that bathroom w/all the drunk fans, so at least you can get in, do your business and get the hell outta there (after washing thoroughly). Anywhere else, BARS IN PARTICULAR, no.

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